Why be a Welder

Qualified Welders can expect to earn in the range of €25,000 to €60,000

Welders are in high demand from a wide range of industries.

Welding technologies is critical to a wide variety of industrial installations and processes. It is a skill that is in high demand in industries such ship building, refrigeration, oil & gas , engineering, construction. Welding is a skill that requires trained expertise. Our welding courses are an investment in yourself and will pay handsome dividends again and again.

Welding Career prospects are good for welders.

Qualified Welders can expect to earn in the range of €25,000 to €60,000 . It is certainly possible to earn top wages through specialising in certain areas or industries.

Work all over the world

welders are in demand all over the world. If you are planning to travel to Canada , USA or Australia you will need a work visa which can be hard to get. Welding is a skill that will get you that visa. For example the occupation of Welder is listed on the Canadian Priority Occupation List . Canada currently has 20 years welding work for professional welders working on their gas and oil lines.

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