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Alison Herman

A friend of mine went on a course with these guys. Said that it was very good with great content. The facilities and instructors were excellent. Ryan air have some very cheap flights and the B&B’s have reasonable rates.

Sarah O’Malley

My younger brother has recently finished a course with Arcs and Sparks. I can’t recommend them highly enough. They not only ensure that the trainees receive top quality training, they aim to achieve that each student is confident entering the workforce. The level of help and encouragement have given from the staff in this establishment is admirable. Fair play to all at arcs and sparks I wish you all the best in the future.

Aidan Devlin

First class training provider and great aftercare service! Always willing and able to provide great advice.

Matthew Campbell

Thanks for that information lads. Great to hear about jobs in Dublin, I’m looking forward to starting a course with you very soon!!! I really Enjoyed the visit down to you and the days training. It’s an amazing Center and class facilities. See you all soon.

Ahmed Nabile

I’m delighted to do the Tig pipe welding course at Arcs&sparks it was so handy to do this course 4 days a week and work part time at the weekend. Hopefully after i will be coded pipe welder in carbon steel and stainless steel pipe. Definitely will worth it. Because it’s great to see a lot of jobs in this career in industry. Big thank you very much to Declan what an instructor

Scott Brogan

Just finished A course here, couldn’t recommend it enough. Thanks so much to Mick for everything

Barry O Malley

Completed my TIG course,got fully coded and I was very happy with the course,instructors, very good equipment and all the lads on the course I would advise the course to anyone with the slightest of interest because I never picked up a TIG torch before I done the course but with the right training I learned the right way. I would like to give a big thanks to instructors Mickie, Michael and especially Declan which was a massive help on the course .
Thanks lads

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