Agri/Aluminium Welding

Farmers/Farm Contractors Weld Training

Agri / Aluminium welding classes available

Tailored to individual needs


Course Duration

Course tailored to individual farmer / contractor needs in Agri / Aluminium WeldingAgri / Aluminium Welding

Course Objective

Learn basic ARC, TIG & MIG Welding skills to allow you to upkeep your farming equipment.

Learn all the weld techniques you would need to maintain your farm equipment such as

  • Link boxes
  • Power boxes
  • Silage grabs

Course content can cover

  • Welding equipment – what is available and what is suitable for your needs
  • Equipment set up – Power source and correct cabling
  • Health and safety – proper maintenance of welding plant & how to use it safely
  • Aluminium welding training available at an additional cost

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